Millticket Media is the team of husband and wife John and Nikki Spencer.

In 2011 John (Tajus) was working in the music industry. At that time his work had become a stress on his family life. Consequently, he decided to put music aside and pursue another art: photography. Who better to start a business with than his wife, Nikki?

Millticket Media’s top priority is to ensure your experience with us is one you’ll never forget. We have been blessed to work with many amazing clients all over the country while creating a unique experience for them. We are Houston based but are willing to travel. Our overall goal is to make sure your experience is one of a kind and absolutely memorable!! Our clients become more than clients, they become an extension of our family.

"I have always been an artist by nature and knowing what it was like to be in front of the camera made it easy for me to help people become more comfortable when they are in front of the camera. We treat every shoot like a show/concert. We come in hyped and ready. Before you know it everyone is part of the fun but our MAIN goal is to make sure the client is always happy, comfortable and pleased with the outcome."

- John (Tajus) Spencer

"I am always with a SMILE and ready to assist in any way with your session. Making magic and having fun!!! My joy is seeing the look our clients have when they get to peek behind the camera to see how AMAZING they did!! Having a good time, working with some awesome people, with my husband as my partner…. It doesn’t get any better than that!!"
- Nikki Spencer